Branding Danh Mountain ginseng from Bac Giang

Considered a sacred land, Dành Mountain in Tân Yên district, northern Bac Giang province produces a valuable medicinal herb called Danh Mountain ginseng. With an eye on preservation and increasing added value, a project to build a geographical indication for Danh Mountain ginseng has been underway during the 2016-2020 period.


Most people think of Korea when they think of ginseng. Few know, however, that the medicinal herb has existed in Tan Yen district in Bac Giang province for more than a thousand years.

It was once thought to have disappeared from Vietnam, but was then miraculously found to be growing naturally on Danh Mountain.

Fresh ginseng currently costs 2 million VND per kilogram and is used to treat chronic illnesses and increase the recovery of bodily functions.

With its huge value and potential, the conservation of the ginseng requires a great deal of attention from both authorities and local people. Building a geographical indication for Danh Mountain ginseng is one of the latest endeavours by local authorities to preserve the valuable medicinal herb, contributing to building a brand and improving local socio-economic development./.