Binh Dinh applies hi-tech in crop restructuring strategy

Binh Dinh province has gradually established groups of key agricultural products after six years of implementing a project on restructuring its agricultural sector towards increasing added value and ensuring sustainable development, in which the application of technology in production has been one of the top priorities.


The restructuring of farming and crop conversion on ineffective rice farming have been actively pursued in the province.

As soon as the winter-spring crop ended, Binh Dinh converted 4,300 ha of ineffective rice land to crops such as peanuts, corn, and peppers. The crop conversion has proven effective.

In the 2019-2020 winter-spring crop, farmers in Phù Cát district planted nearly 4,000 ha of peanuts, primarily in Cát Hiệp commune. Farmers have also applied technology such as automated irrigation systems to save water, which helps to cut costs and brings greater economic efficiency.

Binh Dinh is concentrating on applying hi-tech to agricultural development while improving the lives of local farmers, contributing to its socio-economic development./.