Bac Giang strives to stabilise production

Industrial parks in Bac Giang province have been hit hard by the fourth wave of COVID-19 over the last few weeks. With a view to stabilising industrial production to avoid interruptions to global supply chains, some enterprises at major industrial parks have resumed operations with strict safety protocols in place.


Having met all requirements on pandemic safety protocols set by Bac Giang provincial authorities, some local enterprises have now resumed operations. All strictly follow pandemic prevention measures.

According to the Management Board of Bac Giang Industrial Parks, 19 local enterprises with 6,000 workers have resumed operations.

The remainder are working to meet pandemic safety protocols and welcome back their workers.

The Management Board must therefore work all day to speed up inspections and grant permission to firms to resume operations.

All enterprises were previously asked to introduce safety plans on their own. They now receive support from task forces sent from the provincial People’s Committee.

The province has also requested that local firms deploy new production models to ensure the safety of its workers amid the pandemic and also its production output.

The provincial Confederation of Labour and the Management Board of Bac Giang Industrial Parks have been working to introduce appropriate policies to support local workers.

Relevant authorities have checked local workers and allowed those meeting health and professional requirements to return to work./.