Artisan turns clay into charming flowers

In a small shop on Do Quang Street in Hanoi’s Cau Giay district there is a woman quietly making beautiful clay flowers. The art form originates from abroad, but artisan Huong Thuy makes her own creations for local customers and flower lovers.


Located at 67 Do Quang Street, artisan Huong Thuy’s shop is decorated with vases and life-like clay flowers such as orchids, lotuses, roses, dahlias, and tulips, among many others.

Each type of flower is brilliant and delicate and placed in eye-catching vases.

Introduced in Vietnam fairly recently, Japanese clay flowers have become very popular among local flower lovers. Huong Thuy’s flowers have found favour among many people in only a short period of time.

Artisans can create many different types of clay flowers that look exactly like real flowers.