Agriculture sector takes advantage from COVID-19

COVID-19 has prompted many economic sectors and their players to change. Some sectors have done quite well in renovating and made certain achievements.


Farmers planting pineapples had been upset for three previous crops due to low purchase power. It kept them thinking that this harvest would be even worse due to COVID-19. In the contrast, they have still made big money.

According to exporting firms, the fact that pineapple farmers have been still doing fine this year is largely attributable to agro firms switching to processed fruit products instead of exporting fresh food.

The products have been making their way to choosy markets, such as Japan, US, Europe and the Middle East.

Other fruits, for example dragon fruits, have also been exporting more as processed fruit products given other countries are tightening monitoring over imported products in a bid to contain the spread of COVID-19.

As COVID-19 outbreak in Vietnam has now been brought under control, many domestic agro-firms have increased their production. They could take advantage of the situation if they could appropriately change its production and trade approaches.

According to insiders, agriculture still has room for development while other sectors have been hit hard by the pandemic. However, it could only be achieved if the sector could make real changes./.