Vietnamese Students Claim 54 Medals in World Scholar’s Cup 2023

In the 2023 edition of The World Scholar's Cup held at Yale University (USA), Vietnamese students achieved exceptional success. They secured a total of 25 gold medals and 29 silver medals, showcasing their intellectual prowess on a global stage.


According to an announcement from the organizing committee, students from Vietnam Australia International School (VAS) have achieved 54 medals in the final round.

Vietnamese Students Excellently Win 54 Medals at World Scholar's Cup 2023
After 13 years of operation, the World Scholar’s Cup is considered one of the leading international academic competitions for 8 to 18-year-old students from around the world.

The World Scholar’s Cup (WSC) was founded in 2006 and is one of the largest annual international competitions that aims to inspire and unleash the potential of learners from all backgrounds, as well as enhance their skills.

It attracts participants from over 50 countries worldwide and sees over 3,000 students in attendance each year.

The competition is divided into age categories, including Primary (8-11 years old), Junior (12-14 years old), and Senior (15-18 years old). Scholars participate in regional rounds to qualify for the global rounds, and exceptional scholars at the global rounds are invited to the Tournament of Champions.

The annual world finals, held at Yale University, are the highlight of the competition. Participation in the final round is a source of pride for global scholars who have emerged victorious in previous rounds.

This year, VAS had 19 students representing the school in the world finals, competing in four categories – Team Debate, Collaborative Writing, Scholar’s Challenge, and Scholar’s Bowl. The test content covers knowledge in six subjects: art & music, social studies, history, literature & media, science & technology, and special areas.

Vietnamese Students Excellently Win 54 Medals at World Scholar's Cup 2023
Vietnamese students’ stall promoting the cultural beauty of Vietnam.

With numerous challenges in terms of skills, knowledge, and teamwork, the contest requires participants to not only showcase their language and academic abilities but also exhibit their knowledge across all societal domains. Students participating in the competition have the opportunity to interact, engage, and exchange cultures with international friends, all while promoting the cultural splendor of Vietnam.

As a result, Vietnamese students secured 25 gold medals and 29 silver medals at the WSC 2023 Tournament of Champions.

This achievement is an incredible testament to the students, as they represented their schools and country on an international stage. They had the opportunity to engage with and learn directly from Yale students and faculty during the Tournament of Champions.

Hannah Nguyen