Vietnam and Italy Agree to Boost Strategic Alliance

On July 26, President Vo Van Thuong of Vietnam paid a visit to Rome, Italy, where he had a meeting with Ignazio La Russa, President of the Italian Senate, and Roberto Gualtieri, Mayor of Rome.

Vietnam And Italy Pledge to Strengthen Strategic Partnership
President Vo Van Thuong and President of the Italian Senate Ignazio La Russa.

Emphasizing the significance of the visit on the two countries’ 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations and the 10th anniversary of the strategic partnership, President Vo Van Thuong acknowledged Vietnam’s strong commitment to maintaining a close relationship with Italy, particularly in fostering cooperation between the legislative bodies of both countries.

The President of the Italian Senate warmly welcomed President Vo Van Thuong and the high-level Vietnamese delegation, marking an important milestone in bilateral cooperation, as it is the first exchange of state-level visits between the two countries in seven years.

Ignazio La Russa emphasized the friendship and solidarity between the two peoples, highlighting Vietnam as Italy’s most important partner in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). Italy expressed its support for Vietnam’s role in promoting relations between the Italian Parliament and the ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Assembly.

To strengthen the Vietnam-Italy strategic partnership, State President Vo Van Thuong proposed intensifying the exchange of delegations at all levels and boosting coordination and support in international forums, such as the United Nations and the ASEAN-European Union (EU) framework, to address regional and global issues together.

The two leaders also expressed their interest in enhancing cooperation in education, training, tourism, and people-to-people exchanges.

Regarding the Vietnamese community in Italy, Senate President Ignazio La Russa agreed with President Vo Van Thuong’s proposal to create favorable conditions for successful integration into Italian socio-economic life, and to continue serving as a bridge between the two peoples.

The President of the Italian Senate expressed support for economic relations between the two countries, noting the effective operation of over 100 Italian businesses in Vietnam.

Vietnam And Italy Pledge to Strengthen Strategic Partnership
State President Vo Van Thuong meets Mayor of Rome Roberto Gualtieri.Photo: VNA

Promoting cooperation between Lazio and Rome with Hanoi

In the afternoon of the same day, President Vo Van Thuong met with Mayor of Rome Roberto Gualtieri.

During the meeting, Mayor Roberto Gualtieri warmly welcomed President Vo Van Thuong’s visit to Rome and expressed admiration for the history of Vietnam’s struggle for independence and its current socio-economic development.

Both leaders acknowledged the positive developments in the bilateral relationship between Italy and Vietnam, as well as the relationship between Rome and Hanoi.

President Vo Van Thuong expressed his appreciation for the well-established strategic partnership between Vietnam and Italy across various sectors.

He encouraged the Mayor of Rome and city leadership to facilitate cooperation between Lazio, Rome, and Hanoi, thus further deepening partnerships between the two countries.

It was suggested that the two sides strengthen coordination in organizing activities related to cultural heritage to promote cultural exchanges and enhance mutual understanding between the people of both countries and cities.

Mayor Gualtieri affirmed his desire to jointly organize activities to celebrate the special relationship between the two countries and continue to work closely with Hanoi and Vietnamese localities in various areas such as economy, trade, tourism, education, heritage conservation, energy transformation, digital transformation, and innovation.

Rosie Nguyen