Vibrant terraced fields in Vietnam’s Central province

When the alluvial streams running throw, the terraced fields turn into a vibrant and lively picture. When the harvesting season comes, the fields then turn golden.


In March, golden terraced fields lie on both sides of National Highway 24B’s part in the mountainous district of Son Ha. Looking from above, the highway between the fields creates beautiful curves. (Photo: VN Express)
Local people have planted arecas between terraced fields. Rice is the main staple, while areca is a high-income tree whose prices up to VND 30,000 VND per kg (USD 1,3). (Photo: VN Express)
Local people let the buffalos eat the straw after harvesting. (Photo: VN Express)
Big agrimotor cannot access the terraced fields, so local people still have to use buffalos. (Photo: VN Express)
The crystal clear Rin river runs through Son Ha’s glittering terraced fields. (Photo: VN Express)
More than four months ago, the terraced fields were covered in red, golden brown colors as alluvial soils followed the water flowing in the field, after forest rains. (Photo: VN Express)
Quang Ngai’s winter-spring crop started last year. (Photo: VN Express)
The terraced fields are built far from the mountain foot to avoid erosion. Local people built slumps on the fields to serve their daily works. (Photo: VN Express)
Quang Ngai has 5 mountainous districts, including Son Ha, Son Tay, Tra Bong, Ba To, Minh Long. These districts have the beauty of Vietnam’s northeast thanks to their terraced fields. (Photo: VN Express)