Unveil Cultural Hues in the 2024 Korean Literature Theater Contest

On April 16, the Korean Cultural Center in Vietnam successfully organized the "2024 Korean Literature Theater" contest at Ta Quang Buu Hall, Thang Long University.


Organizing a theater contest will potentially enhance the understanding of a nation’s literature, culture, and language.

Following the triumph of the “Korean Literature Theater 2022” competition organized in Ho Chi Minh City, the contest was held anew in Hanoi with the objective to familiarize students pursuing Korean Studies in universities with the nuances of Korean literature and facilitate their comprehension of Korean language and culture.

The organizing committee and competition teams took photos at the 2024 Korean Literature Theater Competition. Photo: Xuan Tung

The contest witnessed the participation of student groups hailing from Hanoi University, Phenikaa University, Dai Nam University, University of Foreign Languages, and University of Social Sciences and Humanities, alongside delegates, distinguished guests, and lecturers from the Department of Korean Language and Culture.

Delivering the opening address, Choi Seung Jin, Director of the Korean Cultural Center in Vietnam, expressed his gratitude towards the delegates, lecturers, and students of the Korean language department, with special emphasis on Thang Long University.

Seung Jin underlined the significance of this contest. “Korea and Vietnam have historically produced exceptional works of literature in every era. This contest is designed to introduce the unique characteristics of Korean literature and provide an opportunity for young individuals to delve deeper into Korean language and culture.”

At the contest, 14 university teams recreated compelling skits of Korean literary works through 15-minute dramas. These dramas were judged based on four criteria: chemistry among team members, the message conveyed by the skit, the level of creativity, and the overall effectiveness of the performance.

Choi Seung Jin, Director of the Korean Cultural Center, gave the opening speech of the competition. Photo: Xuan Tung

Within the framework of the contest, teams presented unique and inventive skits based on the works “Potatoes”, “One Lucky Day”, “Two Lives Of Tho Man”, and “Xuan Huong”, leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

Following deliberations, the jury awarded one first prize, one second prize, one third prize, and 11 consolation prizes. The team from Hanoi University emerged as the well-deserved recipient of the first prize. The second prize was conferred upon the Dai Nam University team, while the third prize went to the University of Social Sciences and Humanities – Hanoi National University.

Exciting moments through the skit “Potatoes” (Korean title: 감자 -김동인) from the Hanoi University competition team. Photo: Xuan Tung

The event concluded on a high note, leaving the audience with a plethora of emotions. Through this contest, the Korean Cultural Center will continue to sustain and expand the program, contributing to the fostering of closer ties between the peoples of Vietnam and Korea.

Charlotte Pho