Students from 15 Countries Experience the Tapestry of Indian Culture in Hanoi

The Indian Cultural Centre in Hanoi under the aegis of the Embassy of India in Vietnam recently organized a captivating Vietnam - India Cultural Festival at Toronto Hanoi Primary School.


Students from 15 countries experienced Indian culture right in Hanoi capital in a Vietnam – India cultural festival at Toronto Hanoi Primary School, held by the Indian Cultural Center.

India is one of the world’s first civilizations with a long history and a diverse, rich and mysterious culture, through the stories of A Thousand and One Nights that many generations of Vietnamese children are fascinated by.

Students attending the Vietnam – India cultural festival learned about new cultures, enjoyed typical cuisine, and interesting and new stories about the country, people, and culture, history, religion of India through the words of Dr. Monica Sharma, director of the Indian Cultural Center.

The event attracted the attention of teachers and students from more than 15 countries around the world studying at the school. Photo: GD&TD

In addition, students, parents and guests can also learn and experience Vietnamese culture through toy making, watching Dong Ho paintings, traditional dancing, among others. The event is not only an entertainment festival but it is also an opportunity to learn through real-life experiences at Hanoi Toronto School.

Dr. Monica Sharma stressed that the center’s ready to support schools in organizing traditional cultural and educational events like this at any school. Through collective activities such as dancing, yoga, friends can understand each other better, live in harmony and help each other develop.

Monica added that India is providing Vietnam with more than 200 scholarships for fields of study such as technology, education and culture, along with short-term and long-term information technology courses. Both types of scholarships are aimed at Vietnamese students or working adults.

As a multicultural school, Hanoi Toronto focuses on organizing events to connect, exchange cultures and receive new knowledge for its students, said Lee Chalkly, Executive Principal of Hanoi Toronto School.

In recent years, Hanoi’s education sector has focused on promoting cultural and educational exchange programs and activities aimed to train global citizens, improve knowledge and open new horizons for students in the Vietnamese capital.

Hannah Nguyen