The ancient village is located in Pho Thanh ward, Duc Pho town, about 60 km south of Quang Ngai city. While Sa Huynh beach is distinguished with romantic golden sand, Go Co is isolated in a valley surrounded by layers of granite aged millions of years old with its back leaning against the mountain and facing towards the sea.

Go Co villagers earn a living from inshore fishing and farming. A community-based tourism cooperative since 2019, which involves shareholders from businesses, the community, state agencies and the local administration.

The cooperative aims to promote the image and value of the land, with the focus on the Go Co Geo-Park, and improves the lives of local villagers.

The staff of the cooperative’s service team are carefully selected. They must come from families having at least three generations that have lived in the village, who have developed strong attachments and had enough understanding about the land to advertise the village to visitors.

A villager paddles small bamboo boats to help tourists explore the landscape and beach of Go Co village (Photo courtesy of Diem Kieu)

Although Go Co is just a small village covering an area of only about 105 hectares, it offers many authentic and attractive experiences for visitors. Travellers can explore the daily life of villagers by rowing a bamboo boat to admire the sunrise, visit the rock tunnel or go to the pristine golden sands.

In Go Co, rocks are a part of villagers’ lives and memories. Cliff rocks running to the sea were from ancient dormant volcanoes. In the village, the vestiges of the Cham people can be traced through the village roads, fields, fences, and ancient walls, which were completely assembled manually and still work today.

Visitors to Go Co can also enjoy ‘hat ho’ (local love duet) and ‘bai choi’ folk songs through the performances of residents, creating a warm and friendly atmosphere for the vacationers.