Touring Thoi Son isle

Thoi Son or Lan isle on Tien river in My Tho is a popular attraction in Tien Giang province. The island draws hundreds of thousands of visitors each year to see its beautiful orchards and the original floating lifestyle of the locals.

Taking a boat tour along Tien river to reach Thoi Son isle is a nice experience for visitors to My Tho, especially foreigners. On a boat, visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery, including Rach Mieu bridge, and see the floating life of the natives.

Arriving at Thoi Son, visitors can relax on hammocks in leaf-roofed houses while enjoying sweet folksongs sung by local girls. They can also see the beautiful natural scenery of the island by traveling in small boats skillfully rowed by local women. The boatwomen are very charming wearing a conical hat and ao ba ba, the traditional costume of southern rural women, which consists of a pair of silk pants and a long-sleeved shirt. Visitors can also go around villages in a horse-drawn carriage and visit traditional craft villages where they can learn how to keep bees or make coconut candies and coconut-based handicrafts.

Exploring Thoi Son by boat. Photo: Thong Hai

Boats carrying visitors between two lines of coconut trees are a typical sight in Thoi Son. Photo: Tran Tuan

Performance ofDon ca tai tu (amateur folk music of southern people) is an interesting part of the journey to explore Thoi Son. Photo: Thong Hai

Local souvenir shops attract foreign visitors. Photo: Thong Hai

With its diverse fruits, Thoi Son is a big supplier for fruit dealer markets in Tien Giang. Photo: Tran Tuan

An experience that visitors should try is bailing out water to catch fish at Thoi Son tourist resort where visitors are given ao ba ba and fishing tools to truly experience the local life. This exciting activity gives visitors a chance to feel the anxiety as well as the joy of catching a fish.

Thoi Son offers visitors a wide range of Mekong delta special dishes. These include deep fried giant gourami, chicken stewed with lemongrass and malabar spinach, fermented fish hot pot, and duck porridge with spinach. Snakehead fish is also a typical meal of Mekong delta cuisine with numerous ways to prepare it, including grilled snakehead, bone-removed snakehead rolled in rice paper, and snakehead porridge with bitter herbs.

By Thong Hai, Cong Dat & Tran Tuan