Music Story of the Old Quarter

On Friday evening the second week of the month, a show entitled “Music Story of the Old Quarter” takes place at the Old Quarter's Culture Exchange Centre, No. 50 Dao Duy Tu Street. It is a part of the program to introduce traditional and contemporary music of the land of Thang Long, Hanoi to both domestic and foreign visitors. 

With a desire to preserve values of culture and the arts, Vu Nhat Tan and other artists from the “Dong Kinh Co Nhac” (Dong Kinh Traditional Music) group coordinate with the Old Quarter’s Culture Exchange Centre to organise the show of different genres of Cheo, Ca tru and Xam singing. Without loudspeakers and amplifiers, the traditional music genres are brought close to the audience.

The Music Story of the Old Quarter takes place at the Old Quarter’s Culture Exchange Centre, No.50 Dao Duy Tu Street..

Artists from the Dong Kinh Co Nhac group with performances of Ca tru, Cheo, Tuong and Hat van.

Meritorious Artist Manh Phong in the role of a buffoon in a Cheo performance.

Meritorious Artist Thuy Ngan plays the role of Xuy Van.

Artists from the Dong Kinh Co Nhac group give different nuances of feeling to the audience.

Ca tru singing originated from the royal music of the Ly Dynasty (the 11th to 13th century).
However the oldest versions date back from the Le Dynasty (the 18th century) were performed at the show.

Cheo singers.

People’s Artist Minh Gai plays a Tuong act “Co Nguyet hoa cao”.

A fan dance in the background of Chau van singing fascinates the audience.

Meritorious Artist Vu Ngoc performs with a Cheo drum.

The stage is set up with sedge mates that create a warm and friendly space.

The audience gives a big round of applause for the performers.

Visitors learn about instruments used in the art of Cheo singing.

The show draws the participation of well known artists, including People’s Artist Xuan Hoach, People’s Artist Thanh Hoai, Meritorious Artist Thanh Binh and Meritorious Artist Vu Ngoc.

During the “Music Story of the Old Quarter”, the audience also learns about the history and development of each traditional genre. Artist Vu Nhat Tan said, “Through the shows, we want to preserve and develop the traditional music which is the highest goal of the Music Story of the Old Quarter”.

By Tran Thanh Giang