An emerald pearl by the Tien river

Located on the alluvial ground of three rivers of Tien, Ham Luong and Ba Lai, Chau Thanh district in Ben Tre province, which is home to coconut trees and beautiful orchards, is called the emerald pearl of Ben Tre.

Going to Chau Thanh, one should visit Forever Green Resort, Ben Tre province’s biggest ecotourism resort located right on the banks of the Tien River.

The 21ha resort provides services and facilities including luxury hotels, communal houses, restaurants and conference rooms. It also offers entertainment activities such as river tours, orchard tours, fishing, boating, swimming in the lake and playing folk games.

The canals and the vast stretches of coconut forest are characteristics of the Mekong Delta.

The luxury bungalows.

Clear blue swimming pool at Forever Green Resort.

Forever Green Resort offers tourists a place to breathe fresh air with green trees. Photo; Files

Beautiful mini gardens at Forever Green Resort. Photo: Files

A peaceful river scene. Photo: Files

Miniature landscapes imitating the scenery of mountains inside Forever Green Resort.

Vietnamese countryside scenery at the resort.

In Chau Thanh, visitors not only have a chance to enjoy beautiful scenery and explore cultural and historical places but also can learn how coconut candy and coconut carpets are made. Another big plus is trying delicious typical Mekong Delta dishes.

Southern Vietnam folk games are re-enacted for visitors to experience. Photo: Files

Tourists participate in a boat race. Photo: Files

The piggy bank smashing game attracts tourists. Photo: Files

Electric cars are available for tourists to travel inside the 21ha resort.

Visitors go cycling under the green trees.

Children’s playground at the resort.

Relax at a luxury spa.

Boating on the river.

Looking for souvenirs at Forever Green Resort.

With its tourism advantages, Chau Thanh is growing into a major attraction for domestic and foreign visitors on their trips to explore Ben Tre./.

Story: Thong Hai – Photos: Thong Hai & Files