The pristine beauty of An Thoi

Located in Phu Quoc island district, Kien Giang province, An Thoi archipelago is one of the few islands where nature has retained its pristine beauty. 

From the center of Phu Quoc district, we took a 2-hour boat ride to Hon Thom commune, the center of An Thoi archipelago.

We were lucky to tour the archipelago in November, the best time of the year to visit An Thoi. Strolling on the white sand beach, enjoying the clear blue sea and experiencing the life of the locals, who make a living mainly from fishing, made us feel so relaxed.

With its blue sea and green coconut trees, An Thoi is “heaven on earth” for nature and sea lovers.

Hon Thom is one of the best places to see coral reefs.

Diving on Hon Thom island.

The peaceful blue sea attracts tourists.

Visitors can join locals on a fishing boat in An Thoi.

The pristine beauty of Hon Thom.

The islanders make their living by fishing.

Grilled sea urchin with spring onions, a local specialty.

It is hard to find hotels or motels here, but we could stay with the friendly islanders whose hospitality truly comforted us. The stay was such a nice experience because we could learn about the local life by joining fishermen on their fishing trip, who were also knowledgeable tour guides.

An Thoi is also one of the best places for seeing coral reefs. Its largest island, Hon Thom, is among those that have the most beautiful coral reefs in Vietnam. From the cliffs, we could easily see and take photos of the colorful coral reefs through the crystal-clear sea.

With its long white sand beaches, peaceful blue sea and green coconut trees, An Thoi is “heaven on earth” for nature and sea lovers. Its diverse marine ecosystem is ideal for tourists to enjoy the ocean world.

Located in Hon Thom commune southeast of Phu Quoc island, An Thoi archipelago occupies an area of 7.64 km2 with 18 small islands and islets. It is home to about 3,000 inhabitants who live on only five islands. That is why the archipelago is one of the few islands which can maintain a pristine beauty.
By: Ba Ngoc