Exploring life on the Hau river

Visiting Can Tho, travelers should not miss the chance to take a boat trip to explore the interesting life on the Hau river.

Can Tho, the city through which the Hau river runs has a unique culture of the southern region. Visiting fruit-laden orchards, having breakfast and shopping on the Cai Rang floating market are fun experiences for any travelers to Can Tho.

Cai Rang floating market was the first destination on our journey to explore the Hau river. At 5am, our boat took us to the market, which is open from 5-7am every day. When we arrived, the market was filled with boats carrying tourists, local people and vendors. The market offered fruits, vegetables and other delicacies from around the region. Traders sold their wares right on the water. Before buying fresh fruit, tourists can have hot rice noodles on a boat.

The Hau river flows through Can Tho with a total length of 65 km, creating a unique culture in the southern region. Photo: Tat Son / VNP

Cai Rang Floating Market is one of the most outstanding markets in the Mekong River Delta.

Exploring locals’ lives on the Hau river by boats. Photo: Tat Son / VNP

Tourists have breakfast served on boats. Photo: Tat Son / VNP

Cai Rang floating market offers fruits, vegetables and other delicacies from around the region.

It has been honored by the foreign press as one of the five most interesting markets in Asia.

Con Au islet is an ideal place for tourists to relax. Photo: Thong Hai / VNP

Tourists can watch the process of making coconut candy by Con Son islanders. Photo: Thong Hai / VNP

Delicious steamed fish from the Hau river. Photo: Cong Dat / VNP

Leaving Cai Rang floating market, we headed for the fruit orchards on Con Au islet. Unlike the animated atmosphere of Cai Rang, the islet is an ideal place for relaxation. Here, visitors can see orchards with various kinds of fruits and vegetable farms.

Our next destination was Con Son islet, home to nearly 100 families. The islet attracts tourists with its fruit orchards. Interestingly, tourists could be taught by the local people how to make the well-known coconut candy.

When the sun went down, we took a walk on Ninh Kieu wharf to breathe the fresh air off the Hau river and enjoy a delicious dinner on a luxury cruise. Spending time gently cruising the river and listening to southern folk songs was an unforgettable ending for our one-day journey on the Hau river./.

Can Tho is 169 km west of Ho Chi Minh City. From Ninh Kieu wharf, visitors can easily buy a ticket at 500,000 dong per boat to visit tourist attractions on the Hau river.
By Tat Son – Cong Dat – Thong Hai