Studio Tree Houses – A Secluded Lover’s Hideaway in Hanoi

Dao Anh Khanh Studio Tree Houses, a new model for homestay tourists, have become more popular due to its natural and fresh environment in the crowded capital of Hanoi.

According to Artist Dao Anh Khanh, he built the first Studio Tree House almost 20 years ago at No.7, Lane 462, Ngoc Thuy Street in Gia Lam, on the outskirts of Hanoi, with the hope that he could enjoy living in a wholesome and private environment. To date, he has built six such Studio Tree Houses, each having its own architecture, but all taking full advantages in terms of the local natural scenery with many old trees, in an area of 2,000m2.

As their names imply, the houses are located in a space of art, well mixed between painting, music, sculpture and nature. Seen from their top, visitors could contemplate the entire green environment dotted with the Studio Tree Houses. Each house has different rooms with interesting names, such as Zen Space Tree House, Tropical Paradise Tree House, Sky Tree House and Garden Cottage. The houses have unique interior decoration items, different from one another, but all showing off their artistic value bearing the imprint of their owner, Dao Anh Khanh.

Covering over 2000m2, the studio tree houses are constructed with unique architecture.

Stairs of the houses are convenient for visitors moving up and down.

Visitors seem to be lost in a mysterious forest.

Each balcony has glass floor which helps visitors easily see whole green space.

Green space outside each house.

The studio houses bring a fresh and relax space after hard working days.

These houses are connected by wooden paths.

An installation artwork of painter Dao Anh Khanh at the studio houses.

The balcony of each house is an ideal place for visitors to relax.

Dao Anh Khanh’s Studio Tree House.

The studio Tree Houses are currently among attractive destinations for both domestic and foreign tourists, with one bedroom rates from 55 -100 US dollars. Tourists can order daily meals prepared and served by a professional and friendly staff.

Aquariums around the bed inside a tree house.

Inside the Zen Space Tree House.

With the shape of a mushroom, the space of the room seems to be larger.

Impressive patterns inside the Zen Space Tree House.

Paintings on the ceiling by painter Dao Anh Khanh.

The restaurant at the studio houses is designed following the architecture of the Muong people group.

Cosy Tree House, tourists can enjoy the gallery of painter Dao Anh Khanh.

Normally, each bedroom in the Studio Tree Houses is about 10 – 14m2 in area, with several windows to welcome more sunshine. It also has a domed ceiling, looking like a mushroom, which makes the resident fully enjoy the fresh and comfortable space.

The interior decoration items are full of artistic value, one of the reasons to attract visitors to come and stay in the Studio Tree Houses for relaxation.

With his artistic view, Dao Anh Khanh has designed the artificial light with different colours on the trees, in the bed rooms and their ceilings, all giving a feeling to guests to rest amid a forest, looking up at a sky full of stars.

Another peculiar design of the Studio Tree Houses is that some bedrooms are built like water palaces. The guests staying there will feel that they are sleeping in the vast ocean, with schools of fish swimming around.

Nguyen Thuy Ha, one of the guests who came to the Studio Tree Houses for vacation, said, “I found the Studio Tree Houses on the website, so I decided to come here and stay for a few days, then would change to another place. However, these unique Studio Tree Houses entertained me so much that I stayed here for two weeks”.

She also said that when resting in an environment full of green, she felt so peaceful in her mind and had full physical energy. Moreover, she was interested in joining some artistic events organised by the house owner, Dao Anh Khanh, in the Studio Tree Houses.

Story: Ngan Ha Photos: Tat Son & Files