The Hanoi Department of Tourism, in collaboration with the Vietnam Women’s Museum, has curated a collection of product samples from the signboard systems and brand identities of Hanoi craft villages. This collaboration includes the involvement of French experts who have conducted extensive surveys on the current status, as well as studied the design and production processes for a span of six years.

The Director of the Vietnam Women’s Museum, Nguyen Hai Van, explained that the signboard system offered at the museum consists of an information board, a tourist guide board, an Old Quarter information board, and an Old Town map.

Nguyen Hai Van stated that the signboards are crafted using sustainable materials. These boards serve a dual purpose of helping visitors orient themselves and providing clear directions to their destination. In addition, they offer an interactive experience by providing access to relevant information. Furthermore, the inclusion of QR codes and strategically placed lighting ensures that visitors can easily navigate the area even during nighttime.

Nguyen Hai Van, in relation to the brand identity of Hanoi craft village tourism, has stated that the implementation units have successfully finalized the overall brand identity for Hanoi’s craft village tourism. Additionally, they have established specific brand identities for two renowned craft villages: Bat Trang ceramics in Gia Lam district and Van Phuc silk in Ha Dong district.

Featuring a QR code crafted from fine Bat Trang porcelain, this information board is located in the Old Quarter of Hanoi. It serves as a sample display, providing valuable information to both locals and visitors.

The Department of Tourism has put forth a proposal to the local People’s Committee, urging them to oversee the assessment and documentation of destinations requiring the installation of tourist signboards. This will enable localities to formulate projects aimed at producing and implementing signage in these areas.

Signboard and Map of Hanoi’s Old Quarter

The local People’s Committee has the authority to implement the use of Hanoi’s traditional craft village tourism brand identity for information, publicity, and promotional purposes at cultural events. Craft village tourism, along with the souvenirs created for tourism, can be found in the local craft villages.