Orchestra of Royal Opera of Versailles (France) Captivates Classical Music Aficionados

On the evening of April 21 at Ho Guom Theatre, Hanoi, the Orchestra of the Royal Opera of Versailles (The Orchestre de L'Opéra Royal de Versailles) majestically performed the program "Four Seasons Concert".


The “Four Seasons Concert” was written by Italian composer Antonio Vivaldi between 1720 and 1723, however, it was not published for the first time in the Netherlands until 1725. This is not only one of the most familiar works to music lovers around the world but is also considered the most “daring” music in the history of world music. Over 300 years, “Four Seasons” has become an important part of humanity’s musical heritage.

The “Four Seasons Concert”, is the first time Vietnamese audiences could enjoy this classical music performed by the Orchestra of the Royal Opera of Versailles at Ho Guom Theater – a theater in the Top 10 best Opera Houses in the world voted by the World Travel Awards.

The orchestra of the Royal Opera House of Versaille performed at the Hoan Kiem Lake Theater, Hanoi. Photo: CAND

The concert ended after nearly 90 minutes of continuous performance, but the endless applause of nearly 1,000 audiences kept the artists performing more excerpts to entertain the audience who did not want to leave.

Responding to the enthusiastic admiration of classical music lovers in Hanoi, the artists performed to resounding applause while throwing flowers onto the stage to give to the audience in the country where they first came to perform.

According to Major General, People’s Artist Nguyen Cong Bay, Deputy Director of the Department of Party and Political Affair and director of Ho Guom Theater, the “Four Seasons Concert” performed by the Orchestra of the Royal Opera of Versailles is a part of the Memorandum of Understanding between the Royal Opera of Versailles and the Ho Guom Theater. Hoan Kiem Lake Theater was inaugurated. This is unprecedented because the Royal Opera of Versailles has never signed a cooperation agreement with any theater in the world.

At the performance.

Through the MoU, the two theaters will exchange culture, and build art programs and French academic plays. The Royal Opera of Versailles expressed its wish that the quintessence of this Theater would be performed at the Ho Guom Theater, and the Ho Guom Theater would also develop a program to perform at Versailles.

The orchestra of the Royal Opera of Versailles was founded in 1982 and is on the list of nominees for the best orchestras in the world. This orchestra’s forte is performing musical works of the Baroque and Romantic periods. The orchestra also performs tours at several famous music festivals around the world and worldwide tours.

The presence of orchestra artists and classic musical works at Ho Guom Theater has brought many interesting surprises to the audience, especially classical music lovers. In the show, audiences also have the opportunity to meet artist Théo Imart (France) – a different and unique countertenor voice, always conquering the audience with his acting ability and perfect technique.

Hai Dang