On the way to Lung Pang Peak, mountaineers will encounter a stone fence, which is 1m high and 100m long. According to researchers, the fence is the remains of a citadel built under the Mac Dynasty (1527-1592).

Lung Pang Peak is around 20m wide and 40m high, providing visitors with a panoramic view while standing in the top of the mountain.

Adventurers can cling along the mountainside to explore a cave inside the mountain. The cave stretches a total length of more than 200m, separating into different compartments.

The entrance to the cave is quite challenging, but it’s worth a try as tourists can admire amazing stalactites of all shapes and sizes in the cave. The colourful stalactites look like coral reefs, giant mushrooms. or frozen waterfalls pouring downwards.

After spending half of the day to conquer Lung Pang Peak, backpackers can stay at Khuoi Ki Village to explore the life and sample indigenous dishes of local Tay ethnic people, including fish, chicken, and corn wine.

Particularly, visitors to the locality in winter can taste unique dishes made from chestnut, which is a specialty of Cao Bang Province.

Trieu Xuan Tiep, an owner of a homestay facility in Khuoi Ky Village, said that the scenery of Lung Pang Mountain has drawn much interest from visitors, including foreigners.