The Graceful Sway of the Vietnamese Ao Dai in Australia

The dynamic trio of the Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Department, the Embassy of Vietnam in Australia, and the Consulate General of Vietnam in Sydney proudly present 'Roadshow Vietnam'. This exciting initiative showcases the very best of Ho Chi Minh City's vibrant tourism scene to the Australian market.


Vietnamese fashion designer Tran Phuong Hoa will showcase her newest áo dài collection, exclusively created for the Roadshow Vietnam – Ho Chi Minh City Tourism event in Australia. This highly anticipated showcase, which commenced on May 13, has already revealed two stunning designs from the Prosperity collection, modeled by the esteemed Vietnamese tourism ambassadors to Australia, Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 Nguyen Thi Ngoc Chau and the reigning Miss Universe Vietnam Bui Xuan Hanh.

The revealed áo dài designs showcase a masterful blend of fabrics, including sheer chiffon, taffeta, and silk, all in vibrant shades of yellow. Chau’s dress, in particular, draws inspiration from Australia’s national flower, the golden wattle. It features a striking golden bodice with flared sleeves and a captivating cascade of golden and lemon flowers crafted from felt and fabric, accented with delicate beads.

Performances celebrating the áo dài at the event.

Hanh’s áo dài, on the other hand, embraces a more traditional silhouette. It boasts a high triple-layer collar, fitted sleeves, and a gracefully flowing hem. The ochna blossom pattern, crafted by skilled artisans, adorns the pleated fabric and is accentuated with beads. The wide flared sleeves and draped chiffon layer over silk lend a soft and sophisticated air to the design.

The fashion designer and her team have dedicated three months to meticulously crafting this collection, from conceptualization to fabrication and intricate hand embroidery. According to Hoa, the collection is a labor of love, infused with creativity and dedication, aiming to present a unique and meaningful showcase for the event.

The collection will be officially launched as part of an arts program within the Roadshow Vietnam – Ho Chi Minh City Tourism in Australia. The event will feature the participation of Misses Nguyen Thi Ngoc Chau and Bui Xuan Hanh, along with other models, celebrating Vietnamese culture and the exquisite beauty of the áo dài.

As ambassadors, Chau and Hanh will engage in various activities showcasing Vietnamese food, culture, and arts. They will participate in traditional activities such as making tò he, painting conical hats, and performing traditional music, all while donning the elegant áo dài.

Ao dai designed by Trung Dinh, showcasing the beauty of traditional Vietnamese attire.

Additionally, designer Trung Dinh will present his ao dai collection, “Season Change,” inspired by the famous landscapes and architectural marvels of Vietnam and Australia. The collection comprises 14 designs, featuring iconic landmarks such as the Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee building, City Theater, and the Sydney Opera House.

Roadshow Vietnam – Ho Chi Minh City Tourism in Australia is a collaborative effort by the HCM City Tourism Department, the Embassy of Vietnam in Australia, and the Consulate General of Vietnam in Sydney, building on the success of the 2023 program.

The roadshow will travel to two Australian states, New South Wales and Victoria, showcasing the nation’s artistic, cultural, and culinary offerings. It will also provide updated information on tourism products and services in Vietnam and Ho Chi Minh City, fostering opportunities for Vietnamese tourism businesses to connect with Australian partners.

The event will also introduce Vietnamese products to Australian audiences.
Hannah Nguyen