Experiences in Phu Quy Island

NDO – Considered as a ‘pearl’ of the south-central coastal region, Phu Quy island district in Binh Thuan province has become a wonderful destination for both domestic and foreign travellers.


Phu Quy, which is also known as Cu Lao Thu, has a total area of around 16.5 square kilometres and a population of over 30,000. The island possesses a peaceful landscape, fresh atmosphere and pristine beaches with clear seawater. The people reclaimed Phu Quy Island to settle hundreds of years ago.

Currently, the tourism services on the island district have been developed. Tourists can rent motorbikes and three-wheel motorbike taxis to move from the wharfs to motels and hotels. Based on the needs of each visitor, there are different types of hotels on the island, from common to luxury levels. Even with a tight budget, you can ask to stay for free at homestay accommodations for a few days.

Visitors take photos at the basalt stone mountain.

Long Hai and Tam Thanh are famous communes on Phu Quy Island. There is a majestic basalt cliff at the borderline between the two communes, where many visitors come to take beautiful photos. From behind the Linh Son Pagoda, tourists can see the giant black basalt stones arranged in layers. Weeds and vines grow on the face of the stones, making the scenery more attractive.

Phu Quy Island is also famous for many spiritual and religious sites that have existed for a long time. In addition to Linh Son pagoda, tourists can visit other religious works such as Linh Buu Pagoda, Linh Quang Pagoda, Tay Ninh Holy See and Van An Thanh, where nearly 100 sets of remains of whales and turtles are preserved.

Linh Buu Pagoda – a famous religous site on the island

Standing on Cam Moutain, visitors can see the 126 metre lighthouse in Ngu Phung commune and the wind turbines that generate power from nature. From the top of the mountain, tourists can also contemplate the overview of a beautiful Phu Quy Island.

The lighthouse on Cam Mountain

Trieu Duong bay and Bai Nho – Ghenh Hang are wonderful beaches with clear seawater where people can see the bottom. With scuba gear, visitors will have a chance to observe the very beautiful coral reefs.

Ghenh Hang – where visitors can watch the overview of the sea at sunrise and sunset.

If tourists stay for a few days on the island, they should visit Long Hai and Ngu Phung fishing villages and the busy Phu Quy fishing port every morning. Enjoying special seafood such as cuttlefish, king crab, moon crab and octopus will be unforgettable experiences.

The fishing market on Phu Quy island

The pristine and peaceful scenery, along with the kind and hospitable attitude of the locals, will make the visitors want to stay longer or return to Phu Quy Island many times in the future.

The wind power fan on the island