Economic Promotion and Exchange in Thai Nguyen: Fostering Partnerships Between Vietnamese and South Korean Businesses

The program intends to foster the relationship between Vietnam in general and Thai Nguyen province in particular with the Republic of Korea, providing a platform for cooperatives, cooperative alliances, and enterprises of Thai Nguyen and the Republic of Korea to exchange, connect, and consume products.


The Provincial Cooperative Alliance (PCA) of Thai Nguyen province, in collaboration with the Korea-Vietnam Economic and Cultural Association and the Vietnam-Korea Showroom Limited Company, organized a seminar titled “Vietnam-Republic of Korea (RoK) Economic Promotion and Exchange”, Thai Nguyen newspaper reported.

Attending were nearly 200 delegates who were members of cooperatives, provincial business associations, guest businesses, and students majoring in Korean in Thai Nguyen.

Delegates visited the exhibition booth showcasing products of a RoK’s enterprise at the seminar. Photo: Thai Nguyen Provincial Cooperative Alliance

Speaking at the Conference, Vu Thi Thu Huong, PCA vice president said that Thai Nguyen province has many favorable conditions to attract tourists and foreign investors. The province currently has 763 cooperatives with many industries such as agriculture, services, transportation, and tourism, looking forward to cooperating and connecting businesses in the RoK.

Thai Nguyen also has 240 OCOP (One Commune One Product) products, including two national 5-star products and many typical agricultural products such as tea leaves and tea.

During the seminar, the leadership of the PCA introduced the delegates to an overview of Vietnam’s collective economic model, focusing on cooperatives and cooperative alliances, along with a quick update on the province’s economic development progress over time.

Furthermore, representatives from various cooperatives, typical enterprises of the province, and guests from South Korea introduced and promoted their product brands, shared successful and innovative practices, and proposed investment and cooperation opportunities between Vietnam and the RoK.

The seminar is part of the first Vietnam – RoK Cultural Festival from April 19 to April 22 in Thai Nguyen City.

One highlight of the first Vietnam-RoK Cultural Festival in Thai Nguyen was a drum performance by artists from Korea at the event. Photo: Thai Nguyen newspaper

The festival featured engaging cultural experiences, including traditional Hanbok and Vietnamese Ao Dai costume showcases, musical and artistic performances including lion dance, and traditional Korean drumming, among others; language exchanges; and traditional folk games.

It also brought together 40 booths promoting commercial activities from representative cooperatives and businesses in the province and invited companies from Korea, showcasing diverse products such as cosmetics, functional foods, and typical local agricultural products such as ginseng, tea, and noodles, to name a few.

Hannah Nguyen