Cruising Ha Long Bay

Touring Ha Long by boat has now become the best way for both domestic and foreign tourists who wish to explore the beauty of Ha Long Bay, a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site and a new natural wonder of the world.

Searching on by typing the key words “Ha Long Bay Cruise, tourists will immediately find about 216,000 results and get detailed information of tourist companies with cruise boats. At present, there are over 500 cruise boats of tourist companies operating on the bay to provide hundreds of thousands of tourists with customer-designed tours.

Tourists can book 4-hour cruise tours organised by companies like Du Thuyen Hinh Anh Ha Long to visit limestone islands in unique shapes emerging from under the bay that constitute an original natural scene of unsurpassable beauty. They can also discover the enchanting beauty of Thien Cung Cave. On 6-hour tours tourists will drop in on the long white sandy beach of Ti Top with its wild beauty or see amazing Dau Go and Sung Sot Caves and finally Vung Vieng Fishing Village where they will learn about the daily lives of the local fishermen.

Cruise boats dock at Sung Sot Cave in Ha Long Bay. Photo: Nguyen Thang/VNP

Luxurious cruise boats stand out against the deep blue water of Ha Long Bay. Photo: Hoang Ha/VNP

Foreign tourists sunbathe and go sightseeing on Huong Hai cruise boat of Go Asia Travel Company.
Photo: Van Quyen/VNP

A tourist enjoys massage and spa service on board. Photo: Van Quyen/VNP

Kayaking in Ha Long Bay is one of the most favourite activities for tourists. Photo: Van Quyen/VNP

A luxurious and fully equipped room on board. Photo: Van Quyen/VNP

A public area on board is decorated with Vietnamese cultural architectural style. Photo: Van Quyen/VNP

Cruising Ha Long Bay is selected by an increasing number of tourists. Photo: Van Quyen/VNP

Tourists are provided with high-class services on cruise boats. Photo: Van Quyen/VNP

Sunset seen from a cruise boat in Ha Long Bay. Photo: Cong Dat/VNP

For overnight tours on the bay, normally two days and one night or three days and two nights, tourists will visit the most beautiful destinations on the bay, including Thien Cung Cave, Ga Choi Islet, Me Cung and Sung Sot Caves, Ti Top Island, Dau Go Island, Bai Tu Long, Ngoc Vung and Quan Lan Islands. On these tours, tourists can enjoy delicious seafood on the cruise’s terrace and behold the fairyland like scenery of the bay at sunset or sunrise. On the water they can take a kayak ride or go fishing for cuttlefish.

Among the tourist companies that have cruise boats on Ha Long Bay, Go Asia Travel Company is a reliable selection for many tourists because of its services. Bui Van Nghiem, the company’s director, said that in 2014 the company organised cruise tours on the bay for over 8,000 foreign tourists and the company now provides tourists with overnight stay tours on two Alova Day cruise boats. By the end of this year, it will put another 4- star Alova Gold cruise boat into operation to meet the increasing demand of tourists.

With its strength in terms of offering modern cruise boats with a staff of professional employees, the company’s tours satisfy most tourists which is proven by the large number of foreign tourists selecting the company when revisiting the bay. Nghiem also added that the company’s tourist guides also provide foreign tourists with more information about the lifestyle and customs of Vietnamese people during the trips that contributes to increasing the competitiveness of the company’s tours.

Beverage served by senior chefs.

Fresh seafood caught in Ha Long Bay are prepared by professional chefs on a cruise boat. Photo: Van Quyen/VNP

The development in terms of quality and quantity of overstay tours on cruise boats on Ha Long Bay shows the ability of catching up with the changing tastes of tourists by Vietnamese tour organisers and contributes to promoting the image of the world natural heritage site to international friends.

Story: Thao Vy
Photos: Hoang Ha, Van Quyen, Cong Dat & Nguyen Thang