Children of Vietnam Contributes VND 19 Billion to Quang Tri Province

The Union of Friendship Organizations of Quang Tri Province and the Children of Vietnam Organization recently entered into a new memorandum of cooperation for the period 2024-2028. This agreement encompasses five primary programs and represents a total committed budget of VND 19 billion.


The five key initiatives entail the construction or repair of classrooms in schools located in mountainous or underprivileged areas; the provision of rice and nutritious food items to students residing in mountainous districts; extending support to the School for Disabled Children in Quang Tri province; the installation of water filtration systems for students and communities residing in challenging locations; and the provision of scholarships to students facing adverse circumstances.

The Union of Friendship Organizations of Quang Tri province and the Children of Vietnam Organization inked a cooperation agreement spanning the period from 2024 to 2028. (Photo: Hong Ha/

This initiative represents a significant and impactful community development aid mobilization program since the Quang Tri province’s implementation of the national program geared toward strengthening cooperation and mobilizing foreign non-governmental aid for the period encompassing 2019 to 2025.

Furthermore, as per the terms of the signed MOU, the Union of Friendship Organizations of Quang Tri Province and the Children of Vietnam Organization will collaborate in developing project documents that delineate the responsibilities, obligations, and coordination mechanisms among the relevant parties. These documents will serve as the legal foundation for the smooth and efficient execution of the projects.

Established in 1998, Children of Vietnam is a US-based non-governmental organization that focuses its efforts on providing support in the domains of healthcare, education, and community development across numerous provinces and cities. The organization has garnered recognition from various agencies and localities for the positive outcomes it has achieved.

To date, tens of thousands of Vietnamese children have benefited from the care and assistance provided through four core programs sponsored by Children of Vietnam: Housing, Health and Nutrition, and two sub-programs, namely Empowering Women and Children, and the Care System for Disabled Children.

Tracy Dao