ASEAN Economic Forum 2024 scheduled for 18th May 2024 in Singapore

The 2024 ASEAN Economic Forum is set to be held in Singapore on May 18, 2024. Organized by the Vietnam Entrepreneurs Development Institute - Asean, in collaboration with the Central Association for Southeast Asian Studies, the International Small and Medium Enterprises Association, and the Enterprise and Brand Development Center, alongside other relevant organizations and the Singapore Association, this event represents the fifth consecutive year of the forum and will be hosted by Singapore once again.

The primary goal of the forum is to foster connections between Vietnamese entrepreneurs and their ASEAN counterparts in the globalized economy, thereby enhancing trade and investment cooperation between Vietnam and other countries in the region.

Vietnam and Singapore, as strategic partners in the ASEAN bloc, have established strong collaborations across multiple sectors, driving economic growth in both nations and the ASEAN economy as a whole. Importantly, Singapore is the leading foreign investor in ASEAN and the second-largest investor in Vietnam among 143 countries, with 3,095 projects and a total investment of $70.8 billion USD.

The ASEAN Economic Forum 2024 is a significant gathering of major economic entities and distinguished businesses from ASEAN member countries. This forum provides a crucial platform for companies to showcase and promote leading Vietnamese and ASEAN brands in various sectors, including Finance and Banking, Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, High-technology Agriculture, Culture, Tourism and Services, Import and Export, Logistics, IT, Technology, Health Care, and Education. The agenda includes product exhibitions and promotions by Vietnamese, Singaporean, and regional companies, as well as in-depth dialogues with top experts and renowned corporations.

The forum will consist of two main sessions:

The first session will focus on ‘Vietnam – ASEAN Cooperation: Opportunities and Prospects,’ exploring the future of collaborative ventures.

The second session will host a commendation ceremony where the ASEAN Award will be presented to outstanding Vietnamese and ASEAN enterprises, recognizing Famous ASEAN Brands and Outstanding Managers. Additionally, a ceremony will take place to formalize cooperative agreements among leading conglomerates and both domestic and international businesses.

VNT Reporter