An Nhien – A Place of Tranquility in Da Lat

Situated on the top of Huy Hoang hill (Da Lat), An Nhien (Tranquility) Tea and Coffee House is a perfect rendezvous for people who want to enjoy the peaceful landscape of this highland area.

Surrounded by old pine trees is a white villa built in the middle of a 1,000m2 piece of land. The house stands out thanks to its neo-classical architecture that gives it a touch of romance and coziness, especially in the foggy autumn weather typical for Da Lat. The ground floor is where the owner’s family lives. The second floor is open for visitors while the third floor is a hall for zen and the art of tea.

Visitors going to An Nhien villa are often impressed by the location of it. To the far left of the house is the Pastoral Centre of Da Lat. To the right is the legendary Lang Biang range and the two peaks of Nui Ba which are covered by mist all year round. Around An Nhien villa there are many vegetable greenhouses, flower gardens, pine covered hills, and meadows. At night, beautiful lights make the villa shine magnificently in the middle of the forest, delighting its visitors.

Situated on the top of Huy Hoang hill (Da Lat), An Nhien (Tranquility) Tea and Coffee House
is a perfect rendezvous for tourists and locals. Photo: Nguyen Luan/VNP
The Lang Biang range with two peaks of Nui Baseen from An Nhien.

The beautiful landscape from An Nhien. Photo: Nguyen Luan/VNP
Mingling with nature. Photo: Nguyen Luan/VNP
The furnishing style in An Nhien.

The landscape seen from An Nhien at night.

An Nhien villa helps its visitors to regain the balance in their mind and tranquility in their being. The furnishing style is simple but lovely with purple sofas surround and each table being decorated with a small vase accompanied by a dried pine branch, a camellia or ferns, delivering a classically romantic and heart-warming atmosphere. Spaces on the second floor are separated by glass walls so that the airiness is maintained and visitors can enjoy the view from every position in the villa.

It is common for people to find tranquility in this beautiful villa in the middle of a vastly beautiful landscape. Especially during sunrise or sunset, the view from An Nhien villa is indescribably stunning. Enjoying a cup of hot coffee or tea in a chilly space while admiring the surroundings is truly an elegant habit of the good old days.

The idea of bringing peacefulness and tranquility to visitors of the villa is generated from the personal preference of its owner, Do Quang Liem. Born and raised in Da Lat in a Buddhist family, Liem was interested in zen. The reason for opening An Nhien Tea and Coffee House was that he and his customers could learn more about the peacefulness of the human mind. He said, “I want to create a place for people to come back to. Zen is coming back, isn’t it? It is coming back to reflect on our own natural characteristics, our life, especially during times of uncertainty”.

The third floor of the villa is devoted to zen and the art of tea. It is also decorated according to Buddhist ways. As a person knowledgeable about zen, the owner can talk with his customers about it while they enjoy the tea. He can instruct his customers on zen. There is a small bookshelf in one corner of the room stuffed with books on Buddhism and morality which people can read when they really want to find the way back to their own nature.

Visitors to An Nhien are mostly those who do not like the hustle and bustle but prefer tranquility and solitariness. This can help them think thoroughly about life or simply give them a separate space to rest and regain the balance in their mind after work.

A tea party held by the owner of An Nhien.

The art of tea at An Nhien
A serene space for enjoying tea.

Story: Nguyen Oanh – Photos: Nguyen Luan