Addressing the Joy of Art at the 2023 Hanoi Autumn Festival

Local children have the chance to show their love for the capital in an upcoming drawing competition. The competition is designed to reflect how the students view and experience the city in which they live and study.


Ninety-nine children from the capital city of Hanoi enthusiastically took part in the drawing contest titled “Hanoi in Your Eyes”. The contest was a remarkable feature of the Hanoi Autumn Festival, held on September 30.

The painting contest gives Hanoi children a chance to express their love for the capital. Photo: VGP

Young painters are given the chance to freely express their love, understanding, impressions, and expectations of their beloved capital during the 90-minute competition.

The artwork effortlessly captures the rich diversity of Hanoi with an innocent and joyful spirit. It portrays the city as a harmonious blend of contemporary and ancient elements. The paintings beautifully depict the people and children of Hanoi as graceful, cultured, and advocates of peace.

The paintings were exhibited on Haon Hiem pedestrian street, accompanied by a presentation of gifts and certificates to the young participants by the organizers. Nguyen Duc Tien, Chairman of Hanoi Youth Union, expressed that this program serves as a significant initiative for instilling a sense of affection for Hanoi among the younger generation. Additionally, it serves to enhance the capital’s favorable reputation amongst tourists attending Hanoi Autumn Festival.

The inaugural edition of the Hanoi Autumn Festival, themed “Hanoi – Come to fall in love,” is currently taking place at Hoan Kiem Walking Space and Hanoi Children’s Palace. The festival is scheduled to run from September 29 to October 1, with the objective of promoting travel to the capital during the autumn season, when Hanoi is widely regarded as being at its peak.

The cultural event offers an array of activities designed to entertain and engage visitors. These include art performances, a photo exhibition highlighting the beauty of Hanoi’s autumn season, a traditional ao dai performance, an exciting carnival, an immersive Hanoi cuisine experience room, and an informative conference on MICE and golf tourism.