Hanoi Photographer Receives Recognition at International Photography Awards 2023

Viet Van, a renowned photographer, has added another award to his impressive collection of 80 international photography awards, this time in America.


Hanoi-based photographer Tran Viet Van, from Lao Dong (Labor) newspaper, received an honorable mention at the 20th International Photography Awards (IPA) 2023 in the US.

Van’s entry, titled “The Rhythm of Time,” consists of nine color photos and was recognized in the Press Photo category. The photos showcase the daily life and activities of Cuban people in Old Havana and Trinidad during his visit to the Latin American country in November 2022.

Some of the images from this series have previously won an Honorable Mention in the Press Photo category at the World Master of Photography Awards in Austria and a Third Prize at the Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year in the UK, the world’s leading award for food photography.

The IPA 2023 received over 15,000 entries from 120 countries worldwide. Esteemed photography experts from the US, the UK, France, Germany, and Italy selected excellent works in various categories for exhibitions and publication in books.

The winners in categories such as people, wildlife, nature, advertising, and press hail from the US, the UK, China, and Poland.

The announcement of the most prestigious awards, Photographer of the Year (Professional) and Discovery of the Year (Amateur/Student), will take place in late October.

Van, who started taking pictures in 1998, has won over 80 international awards in photography. He has held 11 solo exhibitions, including two abroad, and has served as a judge at various film festivals and photo contests in Vietnam.

For Van, the most important thing is to keep moving forward. “If I stop, I’m dead. I am very obsessed with the saying of a famous artist: You should never feel outdated, so you must always be creative. The hardest thing for an artist is creativity – the hardest thing for creativity is inspiration. Contests are opportunities for me to express myself, to reflect on my position in the evolution of contemporary photography, and to continue progressing,” he said.