Accordingly, the district has distributed odd and even day "Market Cards" for a certain time frame for eight wards in the area.

People given "Market Cards" strictly following social distancing rules before entering to shop for essentials.

The distribution of cards aims to help proactively reduce the number of people gathering at local markets, and prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Each household is given five cards to go to the market for 15 days, ensuring they can go to the market once every three days.

The card clearly states the name of the household representative and the address.

The "Market Card" is one-time use only for any market in the area. Customers can only go to the market on the date specified on the card and must submit the card to the management unit at the market gate.

Functional forces take body temperature measurements, require people to make medical declarations, and implement epidemic prevention measures.

People entering and leaving the market follow different directions to ensure a safe distance is maintained.

Small traders in the market must also keep a safe distance from customers, and take appropriate epidemic prevention measures.

Wards in Tay Ho district have also coordinated to arrange markets that only sell essential items, ensuring an adequate supply of daily necessities for people.

In terms of small traders selling on the edges of the market, the management board has also set up fences so people do not come into close contact.

Workers, vendors, and customers entering and exiting the market with signs of shortness of breath, coughing, fatigue, headache, and sore throat or diagnosed with illness, will be immediately isolated at the temporary isolation area at the market.

The People’s Committee of Nhat Tan ward also has lines and has marked the road to help people who come to buy goods to ensure distance between sellers and buyers in accordance with regulations on epidemic prevention and control.

Tay Ho is also the first district of Hanoi to pilot the distribution of "Market Cards" to people.

In the area of Phu Gia market (Phu Thuong ward, Tay Ho district), the People’s Committee of the ward has arranged mobile teams, guiding people how to use their cards to enter the market in accordance with regulations.

The People’s Committee of the ward has installed fences, divided the flow of people entering and leaving, is taking body temperature and checking the cards of people entering and leaving the market.

In the Phu Gia market area, small traders have installed nylon screens to keep their distance from people.

Some ward governments also require small businesses to keep a sales diary at the market with full customer information to serve in isolation and tracing work when necessary.

The model of distributing "Market Cards" in Tay Ho district is considered a necessary measure. Secretary of the Hanoi Party Committee Dinh Tien Dung has asked districts, towns and cities to study and implement the model. The Industry and Trade sector has been assigned to research and a uniform form of card for use throughout the city.