Watching flowers in the mist

The slopes of Fansipan mountain are filled with colourful flowers, stretching from the cable car station area, to the legendary Fansipan peak. Peach and mai anh dao (Prunus Cesacoides) cherry blossoms come out in full bloom, creating a poetic path.

Nhat chi mai (white apricot) blossoms, roses and hoa cai (mustard) flowers made the misty space within the highlands, brighten up during the spring days. Hoa do quyen (rhododendron) flowers are gradually blooming on the mountainsides.

Praying for peace in the meditation place

For many years, visitors and Buddhist pilgrims have flocked to Fansipan to pray for peace in the spiritual community, in the peak during the early spring. The Spring Festival of Opening the Fansipan Heaven Gate, is held from the ninth to the end of the first lunar month. This year, the festive activities were not held due to the impact of COVID-19, but the festival welcomed thousands of visitors and Buddhist pilgrims.

Stepping through 600 stone steps, visitors can visit the spiritual complex of Kim Son Bao Thang Tu, a sacred land of Buddhist pilgrims among the mist and clouds. Visitors can admire the great Amitabha Buddha statue, the bronze statue of Quan The Am Bodhisattva and 18 bronze statues of Arhat. The pilgrimage to the sacred highland, brought visitors peaceful and pure emotions, starting the new year with luck.

Admiring the magical moments of nature

During New Year’s first days, Fansipan fascinates visitors as they are immersed in the “hunting” of clouds. The clouds sometimes float in the high blue sky, sometimes forming waves rolling into the horizon.

Lucky visitors to Fansipan Mountain can admire ice and snow during the cold days, when the temperature drops below 0 degrees Celsius. In the final days of last year, when snow covered Fansipan’s peak, it created a magical and beautiful scene.

Experiencing diverse culture of the north-western region

The journey to discover Fansipan would not be integral without the experience of north-western culture. Sun World Fansipan Legend resort dedicates a separate space to reproduce a village, featuring the life and folk games of ethnic minority people in the north-western region and a street displaying specialties of the mountainous localities.

There are many reasons for visitors to come to Fansipan in Sapa city, Lao Cai province, again and again, because the natural scenery will help tourists have unforgettable memories.