English literature showcased in Hanoi exhibition

A group of Vietnamese artists have come together to create an exhibition inspired by the renowned British author Lewis Carroll's beloved tale, "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland."


The exhibition “Becoming Alice: Through the Metal Tunnel” is currently being held at The Outpost Art Organization, Roman Plaza, Hanoi, until March 3.

The exhibition aims to inspire audiences to reconsider how they approach difficult situations by drawing lessons from Alice’s open-mindedness and childlike sense of curiosity.

The exhibition features works by 13 Vietnamese artists, including Tran Van Thao, Do Hoang Tuong, and Duong Thuy Duong, among others. It takes inspiration from the imaginative world created by English author Lewis Carroll in his renowned literary masterpiece, “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”.

According to the organizers, the exhibition encourages visitors to embrace curiosity and playfulness as they navigate through the exhibition space. The story of Alice is often interpreted as a journey from the innocence of childhood to the bewildering and, perhaps, captivating realm of adulthood, depicted through various peculiar yet fascinating encounters, themes, and anthropomorphic animals.

Aside from its unique nature and development, the curatorial approach to this exhibition mirrors Alice’s eagerness to explore. As there is limited documentation available about the works (including the multi-layered social contexts in which they were created, the conceptualization processes, and their related records), the curatorial team has chosen to embrace the unknown narratives surrounding them.

“Becoming Alice: Through the Metal Tunnel” is the second exhibition showcasing artworks from the Outpost Collection. It provides visitors with a different kind of landscape, one that is perhaps more poetic and desolate in its ambiance.