The Hanoi Art Connecting is happening at the Hanoi Architectural University from October 18 to 24. Vietnamese artist Vu Tuan Dat will be participating in Hanoi Art Connecting 2023.

Hanoi Art Connecting (HAC) is now in its sixth edition, showcasing various artistic activities such as painting workshops, printmaking, sculpture, installation, and more. This year, the event brings together 80 international artists from 30 countries and 70 artists from Vietnam.

Hanoi Art Connecting is an annual event held in Vietnam and other Asian countries. It was initiated by artist Trinh Tuan and Asia Art Link, an artist community in Asia. The event has attracted artists from the ASEAN region, Asia, Europe, and America.

This year’s event features renowned artists like Le Huy Tiep, Phan Cam Thuong, Vu Dinh Tuan, Cong Kim Hoa, Trinh Minh Tien (Vietnam), Kamol Tassananchalee (Thailand), Fil Dela Cruz (Philippines), Edi Sunaryo (Indonesia), Carolyn Muskat, Don McKinney (USA), as well as professors and lecturers from prestigious art universities worldwide.

During the event, artists specializing in painting, printmaking, and sculpture will create artworks on-site. Students, teachers, and art enthusiasts can witness the artists’ creative process in person.

In addition to the artistic activities, the program includes seminars on folk to contemporary art and exploration of other artistic fields. Participants will also have the opportunity to visit individual studios, galleries, art exhibitions, and historical landmarks in Hanoi to gain insights into Vietnam’s rich art culture.

The event serves as a “bridge” for artists, particularly Vietnamese artists, providing them with a platform to evaluate their positions and aesthetic perspectives, understand their strengths and limitations in creating artworks, and collaborate with international artists.