On sale at the market, include fresh flowers with hundreds of types, from popular ones such as peach blossoms, roses, lilies, and daisies, to imported flowers including pigeon orchids, tulips, irises, and larkspurs.

As the biggest wholesale flower market in Hanoi, Quang An market attracts both wholesalers and retailers.

After two years experiencing a slump, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the market has gradually revived during this year’s Tet festival.

A colourful corner at the market.

The market place is getting busier prior to Tet, as the festival is an occasion for every Vietnamese family to decorate their homes with flowers, to welcome a new year.

Visiting Quang An flower market is a hobby for many Hanoians.

After a busy and hardworking year, people take time to visit the market to shop for beautiful bunches of flowers, to decorate their houses for Tet.

A booth selling peach blossoms and fresh roses at the market.

Traditional flowers for Tet decoration, such as roses and gladiolus have still gained popularity among shoppers.

According to sellers, this cold weather will keep flowers fresher for longer.

A vibrant environment filled Quang An flower market, on the days before Tet.

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