Peach flowers are considered "specialties" in the old market, transported from flower villages of Nhat Tan and Phu Thuong.

Kumquat trees are cared for by small traders.

Many people come here to choose decorative items for the Tet holiday.

Some models such as banh chung, watermelon made of paper and foam by the hands of Vietnamese craftsmen, are also quite impressive.

In addition to peach flowers, kumquat, the market also sells many kinds of food for Tet, such as fruit jam.

Paper flowers, silk flowers, though not as beautiful as fresh flowers, are long-lasting and have richly customisable colours.

There are lucky money envelopes of all kinds, but the most prominent one depicts the buffalo image of the year of ox.

People come to Hang Luoc flower market not only to shop but also to take photos to preserve their memories.

Besides the renowned peach blossoms, daffodils are also popular among Hanoians for home decoration during Tet holiday.

Hang Luoc Flower Market is not only a place to trade, it is also a familiar cultural space for the people of the capital when Tet comes.

The Phung Hung Street mural space attracts many young people to take souvenir photos.

Hanoi has many different famous flower markets, but for those who prefer the nostalgia of the Lunar New Year of old, Hang Luoc Flower Market is always a familiar destination when Tet approaches.