The flooding is the worst in Hoi An this year, leaving many places dozens to hundreds of mm deep under water, according to Nguyen The Hung, vice chairman of the municipal government.
“I could sleep overnight, waiting to see if water flooded into the house so I could pack up everything to avoid the floodwater,” says Hai, a resident living on Hoang Van Thu Street.
A man puts chairs in the middle of the road to monitor the rising and falling water levels.
The cold spell that struck northern Vietnam two days ago has brought heavy rain to central localities. Photographed is a vast sea of water at the Hoang Van Thu-Nguyen Thai Hoc intersection.
Floodwaters on the Thu Bon river swell to alert level 2, and are expected to recede slowly.
Roads in the city centre such as Nguyen Thai Hoc, Bach Dang, and Le Loi are flooded at around 500 to 700mm deep.
Small boats are mobilised to get residents out of the flooded area.
At An Hoi bridge crossing over the Hoai river, local authorities set up railings in a bid to prevent vehicles from traveling to ensure safety.
Many low-lying areas in Hoi An, including the road to Thanh Ha pottery village, are also inundated with floodwaters.
Thanh Ha fish market is deeply submerged in floodwaters, causing traders to rush to collect their properties overnight. The central region has been warned about a high risk of flashfloods, landslides, and severe flooding on a large scale.