Vietnamese JET Alumni Association Formed

The Japanese Embassy in Vietnam organized a reception on Nov. 8 to commemorate the establishment of the JETAA (JET Alumni Association) in Vietnam.

Association Established to Gather Vietnamese JET Alumni
Japanese Charge d’Affaires Watanabe spoke at the event.

During the ceremony, Japanese Charge d’Affaires Watanabe expressed his remarks, emphasizing the positive contributions of Vietnamese members who participated in the JET program in fostering strong relations between Japan and Vietnam. The Jet Alumni have played a crucial role as a bridge connecting the two countries.

The gathering was attended by 11 Jet alumni, as well as Kitano and other delegates who have made significant contributions to the fostering of cultural exchange between Japan and Vietnam.

Association Established to Gather Vietnamese JET Alumni
Delegates took a group photo during the event.

JET, which stands for Japan Exchange and Teaching Program, recruits young individuals from other countries to work at various Japanese agencies. The program aims to enhance foreign language skills and promote international exchanges within Japanese localities. Over the years, many young Vietnamese individuals have been invited to Japan to participate in the program as “International Relations Coordinators,” working at international exchange departments of Japan’s local authority offices.