The festival is organized to pay tribute to the tutelary deities for their remarkable contributions to the village. One of the main attractions of the festival is a unique ceremony featuring a procession of palanquin.

The local people worship four tutelary deities, namely Linh Lang, La Lang, Phuong Dung, and Princess Hanh Hoa, who helped the local residents repel invaders in the 11th century, according to the legend.

On normal days, these deities are solemnly worshipped inside the communal house. However, during the festival, their incense burners are taken on a procession around the village.

The most anticipated event is the procession of the deities on a rotating palanquin.

The procession begins at the communal house and goes through the streets of Thach Ban ward before returning to the communal house.

At the auspicious moment, strong young men and women lift the sacred palanquin on their shoulders.

The sacred palanquin is then carried in a special manner. It moves swiftly and flexibly, sometimes rotating and sometimes smoothly gliding on the road, with great agility.

During the procession, some palanquin bearers may get tired.

With the sound of ceremonial music and cheers from the spectators, both men and women carrying the palanquin sway up and down continuously, creating an incredibly lively and joyful atmosphere.

The palanquin then returns to the communal house late at night.