A parade featuring vibrant costumes and lively music precedes the ritual, setting the tone for the day’s festivities.

The sorcerer, adorned in traditional attire, offers incense to the earth, river, and stream gods, invoking their blessings upon the local villagers.

Before stepping into the sacred stream, young Thai girls partake in a ritual to pay homage to the river and stream gods, seeking their protection and blessings.

The ritual is believed to bring good fortune to a family if a young girl is chosen to participate in it, as her participation symbolizes purity and blessings.

The most captivating moment of the festival occurs when the young girls gracefully step into the stream to wash their hair, a symbolic act of cleansing and renewal.

Visitors and passers-by are captivated by this traditional custom, which is deeply ingrained in the local culture and reflects the close relationship between the Thai people and their environment.

At first, strands of beautiful long black hair can be seen flowing down. Then, upon a signal, all of the girls simultaneously flip their hair upward in a dramatic display of unity and grace.

Local people believe that washing their hair in the stream symbolizes washing away hardships and bad luck, sending away calamities and diseases along the river as they pray for good fortune.

For Thai ethnic people, washing hair in the stream symbolizes seeing bad luck being washed away by the water currents, leaving behind purity and renewal.

The event not only showcases the beauty and elegance of the women in the Thai ethnic group but also highlights the harmony between the people and their natural surroundings.

By washing their hair in the local stream, the skin of these girls is said to shine brighter than usual, reflecting the purity and radiance of the ritual.