The traditional drink of the ethnic people in the Central Highlands, this beverage holds a special place in their culture and is used in rituals and ceremonies.
“Rượu cần” is crafted with care, blending glutinous rice, corn, cassava, and millet, and fermented with herbal yeast, giving it a unique flavor.
Ethnic women, experts in their craft, carefully remove the shells from the nuts, a key ingredient in this traditional brew.
With a taste unlike any other rice alcohol or spirit, “Rượu cần” offers a unique drinking experience.
The secret to its distinctive flavor lies in the herbal yeast used in the fermentation process.

The sweet taste of “Rượu cần” is deceiving, as it can quickly lead to a pleasant tipsiness for locals.
Social gatherings are incomplete without this drink, as people come together to sing, dance, and share stories over a jar of “Rượu cần.”

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