Sticky rice dumplings are in high demand at traditional markets in Hanoi, including Thanh Ha, Hang Be, and Cau Dong.

Local markets are bustling on the morning of April 10th as people prepare floating dumplings to honor their ancestors during the Cold Food Festival.

Bánh trôi are small white dumplings made of glutinous rice flour with brown sugar filling, while Bánh chay are larger and filled with mung bean paste.

It is estimated that each business uses between 80 kg and 100 kg of rice powder daily to make floating dumplings.

Stores offer pre-made dumplings as well as ingredients for customers to make their own fresh dumplings.

A vendor at Thanh Ha market says that her family often works through the night to meet the high demand for dumplings.

A plate of Bánh trôi and a bowl of Bánh chay typically costs between VND15,000 and VND20,000.

Traditionally, these dumplings are plain and sweet, but skilled cooks add food coloring or flavoring to make them more visually appealing and delectable.