When the tide eventually recedes, the green moss-covered rocks appear, thereby creating a stunningly beautiful landscape.

The rocky crags covered in moss blend harmoniously with the crystal-clear seawater, creating an effect which leaves tourists in awe.

Many photographers have flocked to this place over recent days to take unforgettable images of the beautiful landscape.

Dawn represents the best time when many people head to the site to snap photos.

The rocks are left covered in a layer of green moss which appears very charming.

During the spring time when the weather warms up green moss begins to grow on the rocks.

The best time to enjoy this moment is dawn when the sun comes up, the tide recedes, and beautiful rocks of all shapes are revealed, mixed in the sand and covered with a carpet of green moss.

The charming scenery attracts both locals and tourists who come to snap photos of the green moss rocks in Nam O.

Situated about 17km from central Da Nang, Nam O reef looks like a beautiful hidden gem as it is in the most beautiful time of the year, drawing many people and tourists.