The annual festival is named after the region’s signature flower “hoa ban”, or bauhinia, and features unique cultural life in the north and northwestern region, which is home to about 19 ethnic minorities, including both the Thai and Mong people.

Workers make final preparations for the event.

Many artists prepare for art performances which will take place as part of the opening ceremony of the festival.

The festival will boast a diverse lineup featuring many activities, including a music extravaganza, a high-altitude fireworks display, and a photo contest.

The event will also feature a show of traditional costumes of ethnic groups, an ethnic sports competition, and plenty of tourism activities.

The first-ever light show featuring a total of 200 drones will be held as a highlight of the opening ceremony of the Hoa Ban (Bauhinia) Festival and national tourism year 2024.

Utilising both drones and music, the light show is expected to create an impressive visual effect for those attending the event.

The occasion will serve as a boost for the local tourism sector, whilst also contributing to enhancing the overall attractiveness of Vietnamese tourism to international visitors.