Deep Fried Sticky Rice Balls

“Banh ran luc lac”  or deep fried sticky rice balls is a popular snack  in Hanoi. The cake’s name is rather strange for those who have never eaten the cake. When shaking the cake, one can hear the sound of its stuffing rolling around inside. It is surely an unforgettable moment when sitting near a fire to enjoying delicious cakes.

The main ingredients for making the cake consist of mochi, green beans, sugar and white sesame seeds. Mochi is used for making the crust while green beans are used for the stuffing.

The ingredients for making the cakes consist of mochi, green beans, sesame seeds and sugar.

Kneading the paste into rolls.

Finished cakes.

Stir the cakes often while frying in a pan over high heat.

When the cakes become brownish yellow, take them out of the pan and let them drip the oil off.

The cakes are crispy outside and soft inside with a delightful flavor.

Soak and remove the green beans’ shells before steaming them until well done. Mix the crushed green bean with sugar before kneading it into balls which are covered by the crust made from mochi. Roll the balls over white sesame seeds and fry them in cooking oil over high heat until they become brownish yellow and crispy outside and soft inside. Serve it hot with chili sauce or sour and sweet sauce.

In Hanoi, one can enjoy the cakes at Gia Trinh’s at 16A Ly Nam De Street, Hanoi.

By Tran Thanh Giang