Chicken Steamed with Lotus Seeds

The tasty dish is made from chicken and fresh lotus seeds together with other spices. It has a taste of chicken and nutty flavour of lotus seeds.

(Serves 4)
– Chicken: 500g; fresh lotus seeds: 150g; lotus roots: 400g; chicken eggs: 5; fragrant mushroom: 25g; fish sauce: 1 tablespoon; seasoning: 1 tablespoon; cooking oil: 1 tablespoon and pepper

Clean and chop the chicken into 3cm size pieces. Mix the chicken with a dash of seasoning, cooking oil and pepper.
– Clean and take out the fresh lotus seeds’ core. Boil the chicken eggs and shell them.
– Fry the chicken and then pour water over and cook over a low heat. Add lotus seeds and fragrant mushroom and continue cooking until all the ingredients become tender.
– Trim the lotus root to make a boat and then place the chicken on and pour the gravy over. Decorate with chicken eggs and lotus seeds.
Story: Bich Van
Photo: Tra My