Ten artists were honoured with the Young Artist Award, including Dinh Duy Ton, Phung Nguyen Anh Khoa, Vang Hai Hung, Vu Tuan Viet, Le Thi Que Huong, Pham Dinh Tien, Tu Moc Tra, Dao Duc Loc, Pham Dinh Tuan, and Nguyen Thanh Thuy.

Each prize is worth VND 2 million, with the total budget for the prizes at VND20 million, which will be deducted from the 2021 fine art prize fund granted by the State to the Vietnam Fine Arts Association.

Currently, the Vietnam Fine Arts Association has no plans to award the prizes to the authors due to the complicated ongoing Covid-19 epidemic.

The exhibition "Chung Ta Dang Nghich Gi?" has been taking place since July 2021 at the VCCA art space, including 125 works by 103 young artists from all over the country.