The concert is a collaboration between two opera houses. It was initiated in July last year when a delegation from the French partner visited Vietnam.

The April performance will feature four violin concertos composed by Antonio Vivaldi between 1720 and 1723. This is the first event in the Ho Guom Opera’s grand international art program, titled “Musical Seasons 2024 – 2025”, which will showcase top international artists.

Following this performance, in August, Les Musiciens du Louvre orchestra will present “The Mozart Concert”. In September, artists from the Malandain Ballet Biarritz and the Royal Opera of Versailles will perform “The Seasons” ballet.

In November, the Vienna Chamber Orchestra will perform “The Vienna Concert”. The series of events will conclude in March 2025 with the Royal Opera of Versailles orchestra’s performance of the iconic opera “Carmen” by French composer Georges Bizet.