Bast is holding wellness therapy workshops where she guides guests through yoga, meditation and pilates to promote increased body movement and a healthier state of being.

The workshops focus on different areas within each session to provide overall strength and balancing effect, as well as target specific aspects of physical and mental wellbeing that delve deeper into the body’s core.

Three-day workshops concentrate on yoga asana and meditation, while four-day workshops look at heart core alignments and five-day workshops draw on the elements to bring harmony and vitalize health.

In addition to 25 years’ experience in teaching movement and wellness therapies, Gypsy is also a bodyworker in the art of massage and will be offering a range of styles tailored to individual needs.

One-day sessions can also be arranged and, as each workshop lasts for two hours, can be split over a number of days.

Bookings can be made directly with the resort by calling +84 (0) 256 3840 077, or emailing to