Vietnamese food in top 10 most popular cuisine on Instagram

Vienamese food has become the ninth-most popular cuisine on Instagram, according to a recent study by international foodie magazine Chef's Pencil.

Vietnamese food in top 10 most popular cuisine on instagram
Distinct dishes give foods across Vietnam unique culinary values.

The magazine said it analyzed Instagram tags to reveal what cuisines and foods were trending around the world, as the photo and video-sharing social networking service has been a main venue for showcasing food, with millions of people sharing their culinary experiences online.

As of February, #food alone accounted for 430 million Instagram posts, according to the magazine.

The research showed that Japanese food ranked highest with about 15.5 million related tags, followed by Italian dishes at 14.7 million tags and Indian cuisine at 8.5 million tags.

Apart from Italian and Mexican, which came sixth with 6.7 million tags, the top 10 Instagram hits were for the cuisines of Asia, with Korean food ranked fourth with 7.5 million tags.

Vietnamese food in top 10 most popular cuisine on instagram
Results of analysis of Instagram tags on international cuisines, conducted by Chef’s Pencil / Courtesy of Chef’s Pencil

The Vietnamese cuisine is taking a well-deserved share in this digital food craze. With more than 2.8 million #VietnameseFood posts showing the country’s most iconic dishes, it’s been ranked as the ninth most popular cuisine on Instagram, according to Chef’s Pencil.

While the Vietnamese cuisine isn’t known for being complex and elaborate, the intriguing flavors and delicious selection of ingredients tickle even the most discerning palates.

“A survey conducted among 250 chefs by Chef’s Pencil last year ranked three [Southeast]-Asian countries–Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam–among the world’s five most underrated foodie destinations.

“The chefs we interviewed felt that these three cuisines, and pretty much all of [Southeast] Asia, deserve more respect and higher recognition in the culinary world.”

The magazine added that Asian food has gained a reputation for being healthier than Western food, noting that the health-conscious MZ generation ― those born between the 1980s and the early 2000s as a combination of millennials and Generation Z ― “love to take to Instagram to brag about their healthy food choices, which not only look great but also make them look better and healthier.”

Original source: Most Popular Cuisines & Foods on Instagram – Chef’s Pencil