An announcement regarding the beauty pageant has been posted on the official page of the competition.

Notably, a two-minute video clip showcasing various beautiful destinations in the country has been released on the beauty pageant’s website on March 18.

This presents a wonderful opportunity to promote Vietnamese tourism and showcase the national cultural identity to an international audience.

As part of this exciting event, Sen Vang Entertainment Company, the designated organizer of Mr World Vietnam, will take charge of hosting the competition. The organizing committee of Mr World Vietnam 2024 is currently accepting applications from contestants aged 18 to 27, starting from now until May 2.

The winner of the contest will receive VND200 million and will represent Vietnam in Mr World 2024.

The first and second runners-up will be awarded VND100 million and VND50 million, respectively.

Furthermore, Mr World Vietnam will present a range of sub-awards, including MR. Sport, MR. Fashion Model Award, MR. Talent, Beauty With A Purpose, MR. Ao Dai, MR. Veston, MR. Fitness, and MR. Media Award.